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No Dawsons Creek Reunion Movie? Blame Tom Cruise

(Joshua Jackson Michelle Williams, James Van Der Beek and Katie Homes in happier, more awkward, times.)

So new reports coming out of the TomKat camp is that Tom Cruise is actually an active member of the Fun Police.

Not satisfied with making his own mediocre movies for the last 5 years, he apparently influenced Katie not to sign onto a Dawson's Creek reunion movie, which she had been actually said 'would be fun'.

"I loved everyone so much and I think about it with such fond memories," She told Good Morning America back in 2011.

So basically he's ruined our lives too.

Wonder if James Van Der Beek was doing a bit of this...

Because there was no chance for more of this....

In other TomKat divorce news sources say Katie has said she won't end up like Nicole Kidman and have little to do with Suri. Nicole has previously revealed her adopted children Isabelle and Connor don't even call her 'mum'. Sad face.

"Bella and Connor are devoted to their father and Scientology, and Katie saw this firsthand, and this is one of the reasons she filed for sole custody. Katie will not be relegated to a secondary role in her daughter's life, period, and she is prepared to fight Tom in court. Katie isn't going to back down, and she will do whatever it takes to ensure that she raises Suri herself."

There is good news for Katie though. Since news of the divorce broke she has already become 35% better looking and that's set to rise.

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